The NIL Store Weekly Rewind

The NIL Store Weekly Rewind

Here's everything that happened this week at the NIL Store!

We're talking personal brands

We posted a pair of blogs this week outlining steps and reminders for athletes as they are looking to build their personal brands. 

The first blog focused on the beginning steps of the personal brand process, which is simply identifying your personal identifiers.

The four building blocks for personal identifiers are:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your life's journey.
  3. Your hometown
  4. Your sport.

The second blog focused on reminding athletes of their personal value and why they have earned the opportunity to share their brand and use their platform.

Those three key reminders are:

  1. You are the athlete you once looked up to!
  2. You are a collegiate athlete for a reason
  3. You have the power to make change

Merch Drop!

We were thrilled to unveil Virginia Tech softball pitcher Keely Rochard's first drop Thursday!

Keely has been one of the most dominant softball players in the country over the last few years and was a First Team All-American and the ACC Pitcher of the Year last season.


Illinois men's basketball's Coleman Hawkins also dropped new merch this week, featuring a 90's throwback look!

Scheierman on the Move

Summit League Player of the Year and Campus Ink athlete Baylor Scheierman is on the move. The South Dakota State star announced he would be transferring and immediately became the most wanted collegiate hoops player in America.


Baylor is also still going through the NBA Draft process and leaving that open as an option as well.

We wish him nothing but the best.

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