“While the best names in college sports will get taken care of by endorsements and high profile contracts, there are thousands of other student athletes that need help. Campus Ink’s solution is going to change that.”

Mark Cuban | Investor

Limited Drops

Our artists work with athletes to make original merch for their fans. Our creative team works to enhance our athletes brand.

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360 Locker Room

We won't forget about fan wear. Our athletes can sell their jersey or shirsey year round so fans can support them.

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Real Money

We pay our athletes first, in real time and let them have a say in their earning. No small percents - real profit.

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Our Athletes Share profits instead of small percentages. Our approach allows athletes to collaborate while our team does the heavy lifting. Your sport and your schooling are your #1 priority, not running a store. We think beyond the t-shirt and put our athletes first.

Our athletes make money on each transaction. Sell a shirt for $29.99, you'll make $10 a piece. Promote your merch on social and watch your Player's Wallet grow.


Our team designs original creative assets for your brand. You just need to share it on social and engage with your fans. Don't worry, we'll take care of the heavy lifting.

Yes. And your parents.

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The people at Campus Ink set themselves apart by the emphasis they place on student-athletes. They’re well-educated about the NIL space, and I’m happy that they are using this emerging landscape to empower young people both on the business side and the creative side. I know that they are working with several of our student-athletes to create mutual opportunities, and I am always encouraged by the results and the experience that our young people are getting,”

Kamron Cox, Director of the NIL Program at Illinois.