3 Reminders About Your Personal Value

3 Reminders About Your Personal Value
Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing tips and tricks for building your personal brand. 
2. Recognizing Your Value
3. Reaching Your Audience

So you've uncovered your personal identifiers and determined the pillars for your brand.

What comes next?

The hardest part for many student-athletes - and for people in general - is stepping outside of your comfort zone, looking within, and recognizing your value.

For some, engaging with fans in-person or online is easy and natural. But for most, it can be more difficult.

Below are 3 helpful reminders for recognizing your value.

You Are The Role Model You Once Looked Up to

As a collegiate athlete, did you ever sit back and think about how you are the same age as your idol when you were growing up?

It makes no sense. How could it possibly be? You’re still the same kid at heart and your idol seemed so old and mature!

But it’s true - that star softball player you loved, or star basketball player you modeled your game after - is now you!

Little boys and girls are watching your every move and hoping they can be just like you when you grow up.

So with that in mind, be the role model you wish to be. Sign every autograph. Take every photo. Wave at every kid.

You have the power to make memories. Use it for good!

You are a collegiate athlete for a reason

I don’t care if you were the top-ranked recruit in your class or if you had to scratch and claw to walk on to a collegiate team.

Regardless of your journey, you are a collegiate athlete!

And for that alone, you have so much to be proud of.

Few people understand what it takes to become a collegiate athlete, and even fewer can fathom what it’s like being a student-athlete.

Between your classwork and assignments, you are also balancing a rigorous practice and workout schedule under a microscope that is different than the average student.

So when considering whether or not you may be worthy of putting yourself out there - whether it be selling a shirt or just being more active on social media - remember that you have earned the opportunities in front of you through years of dedication and hard work.

You have the power to make a difference

Every single person has the power to make change in our world. Some people are presented with greater opportunities due to their unique platforms.

Athletes have a unique platform in that they are regularly on television, radio and other news entities. People care what you have to say!

The “stick to sports” narrative is gone and never coming back (thank goodness).

Consider returning to your personal identifiers and reminding yourself of the things you are passionate about. Do your homework and educate yourself about those passions so you can help make change in areas that matter most to you.