We're ALL IN on college softball

We're ALL IN on college softball

A couple weeks ago we had our art director Broc Anthony on the NIL Show podcast.

It was an insightful view into Broc's entire process making designs for athletes, but also a peek into how much of a superfan Broc has become of sports - especially college softball!

Softball Gets Massive TV Ratings

Little known fact, NCAA softball does massive ratings on television. Here's why:

It's a product that is perfectly made for TV. The game is typically 2 hours long. The smaller field promotes way more action than baseball. And the athletes are INCREDIBLE.

As a result, ESPN makes NCAA softball a huge priority in the spring. Last season, the 2022 Women’s College World Series averaged 1 million viewers per game!

Needless to say, we jumped into college softball headfirst, signing athletes from Virginia Tech, Alabama, Florida State and Oklahoma State.

Virginia Tech was so impressed with what we did, they decided to make their All-American pitcher Keely Rochard the first co-licensed athlete in school history!

This meant we could use Virginia Tech's logo on t-shirts and put Keely's name and number on the back. Soon enough, we had signed almost the entire starting lineup by season's end!

Along the way, we became massive fans ourselves. We lived and died with every pitch rooting on our athletes!

Ultimately, becoming invested in the successes and challenges of our athletes is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs. 

Supporting our athletes and putting them first will always be our "WHY."


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