Campus Ink x INFLCR: Why this matters

Campus Ink x INFLCR: Why this matters

Today Campus Ink announced a landmark partnership with INFLCR and the Global Exchange. This partnership will accelerate our mission of bringing holistic NIL solutions to schools and student-athletes across the country.

Since Campus Ink’s founding in 1947, it has been our guiding value to be best in class at serving college students and building college brands. If you spend any time around Campus Ink, it won’t be long before you hear the phrase, “The t-shirt comes last.” We mean it. We work hard every day to not only be a great decorator but also a resource, consultant, educator, and advocate for our clients.

INFCLR shares those same values as they empower student-athletes and create opportunities to grow brand-values responsibly.

This is what makes us so excited about this partnership.

Building ways for schools and student-athletes to benefit from their NIL and elevate the collegiate sports experience for everyone involved is at the heart of what this new era of collegiate athletics is about.

If you’ve been following us, you’ve likely heard the story about how we got started with the University of Illinois Men’s Basketball team, building the brand and selling NIL apparel and jerseys for the 5-stars, no-stars and everyone in between. We designed and dropped custom and co-licensed apparel, designed jerseys for sale online and in-venue, and shared in the excitement as we saw the success that every athlete could have in this space regardless of the playing time they were getting.

We knew this was an opportunity that every student-athlete needed the ability to access! Mark Cuban felt the same way when we brought it to his attention, ultimately leading to an investment from the Dallas Mavericks owner.

INFCLR has built an incredible tool that provides student-athletes the ability to meet with reputable companies, access educational resources, and monetize their brand in a responsible way while taking the reporting burden of new compliance requirements off the schools.

“This exclusive new partnership is exciting because it brings revenue potential to all student-athletes and our client institutions through the sale of school-licensed jerseys and apparel,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & President. “Campus Ink has created a successful model and we look forward to helping them partner with more student-athletes using the Global Exchange.”

We can’t wait to get started expanding those reliable and responsible opportunities through custom jerseys and apparel to the 70,000+ student-athletes at 200+ schools on the Global Exchange.