Brandin Podziemski Commits to Campus Ink

Brandin Podziemski Commits to Campus Ink

URBANA, Ill. — Campus Ink is excited to announce its partnership with incoming, four-star, Illinois Guard, Brandin Podziemski. Beginning July 1st, the NCAA adopted the name, image, and likeness (NIL) policy which grants players the opportunity to use their identity for promotional purposes.

Podziemski and his father, John, made the trip from their small town Wisconsin home to Champaign-Urbana last week. The visit was to showcase Campus Ink’s two locations for a personal tour to gain insight on operational standards, branding procedures and top-notch consumer experience.

(Pictured above, Podziemski signing at the Campus Ink Lab, Friday, July 9.)

Campus Ink Co-Owner Steven Farag expressed his excitement and gratitude for Podziemski. “The opportunity to partner with Brandin and promote his brand at the highest level is a dream come true. Being able to work alongside his talent and collaborate on unique initiatives will be fulfilling for everyone involved.”

On behalf of Podziemski, a percentage of the sale proceeds from the first release will be donated to the basketball program at his high school Alma Mater, St. John’s Northwestern Academies in Delafield, Wisconsin.

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